Jake Zukowski

1640 E Sunrise Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304





I look for those who have passion solving hard problems (over drinks) and for a community where we all are care more about doing meaningful work than making cash. Bonus for those people and organizations who embody a noble purpose of serving others before worrying about profit.


  • Augmented reality (digital objects within physical environments) design
  • Multi-context screen (TV, desktop, mobile, tablet) design
  • Art direction and creative direction
  • Thought leadership and career mentorship


Awarded patent 7,467,355 on December 16, 2008 as the primary inventor of a "method and system for organizing projects in an integral user environment". This patent reflects interaction and user experience I did at Microsoft, working on Microsoft Works 7 in 2003.


Presented UX in Automobiles: Balancing Effective UI Design & Driver Safety to a sold-out crowd on November 11, 2014 at Makerspace for UXPA Seattle / IxDA Seattle. Coined the term slippy UX to describe an escapable and un-distracting UI. Named one of the top UX predictions for 2015 by UX Magazine.

Work History

The arc of my career over these last fifteen years has taken me from a pure computer scientist to digital designer, allowing me to utilize the cold logical, controlled, and subdued parts of my brain in tandem with the hotter emotional, chaotic, and energetic parts. This allows my work to embody both precision and emotion.

Principal Interaction Designer at Magic Leap

March 2015 — present

Magic Leap is combining inherent visual ability with mobile computing – giving visual output equivalent to when you step outside into the world, but powered by the mobile tech you carry around. Imagine being able to generate images indistinguishable from real objects and then being able to place those images seamlessly into the real world. I lead a team delivering on a new user experience called Cinematic Reality and help shape and commercialize the product and experiences to a mass audience.

Associate Creative Director at frog

October 2011 — February 2015

As a frog Associate Creative Director, I am the chief hands-dirtier and rabble-rouser for the clients I dedicate myself to. I simultaneously lead teams and work through the muck on programs both large and small. I have worked on retail / digital convergence experience, brand design, mobile and tablet app design, and enterprise system optimization. I speak with my head and my heart to net the best work from the teams I lead and the clients I partner with.

Roles & responsibilities include creative ownership; creative group facilitation; contextual inquiry, trend, and strategy research leadership; collaborative, lateral, and original thinking facilitation; authorship and delivery of business development pitches; and being the proverbial mortar between the proverbial bricks wherever needed

Activities include being provocative; design mentorship; career coaching; assisting my teams to create frameworks to achieve amazing results; smoothing out rough situations as needed; communicating to the client where they need to go even if it's not what they want to hear.

Senior Interaction Designer at frog

July 2008 — September 2011

Reporting to the Creative Director as a Senior Interaction Designer working on a wide range of tough innovation problems, from enterprise applications to consumer devices. Worked with large clients such as AT&T, CA, Nokia, and Microsoft and smaller enterprise clients such as Lawson and Qwest.

Roles & responsibilities include creative leadership; project ownership; user experience design; information architecture and interaction design; ethnographic and contextual inquiry executions; collaborative, lateral, and original thinking facilitation; and business development pitches.

Activities include being provocative; transforming the client / consultant relationship into a partnership; framing design challenges and guiding teams to an effective solution; building stories to illustrate future-thinking design; developing interaction models; creating and documenting robust, scalable, and innovative design systems; designing illustrative wireframes; and prototyping solutions.

I have plenty of work from my many years at frog, but most of it is protected by client confidentiality. My work on Nokia's Ovi Store and tvChatter has been released. Other work, such as a social connected phone project and an enterprise iPad application have not.

Senior User Experience Designer at Saltmine

January 2008 — July 2008

Reporting to the Creative Director as a Senior User Experience Designer working on mar-com and product design challenges for a range of clients.

Roles & responsibilities include designing user experiences, developing information architectures, authoring content strategies, participating in client-facing communication, and assisting with business development and sales of creative solutions.

Activities include developing user journeys, task flows, conceptual maps, content inventories, content strategies, site maps, and wireframes.

Older work history can be found on my LinkedIn profile.


My degree reflected my desire to be a hot-shit developer when I grew up. This is before I learned a designer wasn't someone who just pushed pixels around a screen.

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science

BS in CS/Engineering from a top-ranked, world-class Computer Science school. Concentration in software engineering, including software process and software design techniques. Minor in Philosophy, focusing on logic and semantics. Co-developed "CourseGuide", a LAMP application to provide and view feedback on professors and courses in the CS curriculum.