Now trying the fronts of my Hai-Lo deck

You might have remembered I asked for some help deciding which backs would be best for my hit new game* Hai-Lo. I’m designing the fronts and was digging this concept. Hopefully you like it as well.

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NEED HELP PEOPLE. Which one do you like better?

I’m making a card game called Hai-Lo and need your help! I’m designing card backs and can’t figure out which direction I like more. What say you? Leave a comment here or on Facebook. I appreciate the help.

This makes the title of the game much, much bigger

This keeps to the diagonal grid of the card pretty strictly.


I’m never asked by anyone where my inspiration comes from. No one really cares. I attribute this to the fact that my inspiration hasn’t made me a deca-millionaire … yet. But when it does, I will recount the story of how I came up with a silly little card game on a beautiful summer day.  Continue reading


My friend Jon Bell invented this great game called Groupthink. The object of the “game” was to form sentences with friends. The thing is, you can only enter one word and had to wait for your friend to enter a word before you could enter a new one. For a super-casual parlor game, it was pretty awesome. Continue reading