Tres and I make the paper

Tres and I made The Seattle Times in a variety of capacities after our marriage at Seattle City Hall on Sunday. First, we were on their video of the event. Watch around 1:10 or so to see some fantastic novelty shirt b-roll.

Next, we made the digital and physical versions of the paper. You can see a The Seattle Times front page PDF or take a look at some camera shots below.

A view of the front page of The Seattle Times, showing our picture in the lower right

A closeup of Tres and me in the paper

Tres and I make some history and nice KOMO B-roll

Tres and I secured our Washington marriage license at the King County Courthouse yesterday on the first day marriage equality was legal in our fine state. In some stroke of luck, we were there right when KOMO was doing a live shot of the Recorder’s Office. Take a look. Starts at about second 10.

Now trying the fronts of my Hai-Lo deck

You might have remembered I asked for some help deciding which backs would be best for my hit new game* Hai-Lo. I’m designing the fronts and was digging this concept. Hopefully you like it as well.

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