The boycott of birthday wall posts

I know this makes me sound whiney, but it is my birthday, so hear me out.

Today is my birthday, so I deactivated my facebook account for the day. To me, wall posts wishing someone a happy birthday are one of the most depressing and impersonal ways to commemorate the day. Instead of feeling any joy from a facebook birthday wish, I feel sad or disconnected or, at best, strangely curious at why a complete stranger is wishing me a happy birthday. Continue reading

Full Month Cash Flow Planning Worksheet for Budgeting the Dave Ramsey Way

Last week, I posted a generic budget ledger I designed to help facilitate zero-based budgeting a household, a process advocated by many financial experts. The feedback I received is, while the generic budget ledger was very pretty, it was daunting to use for those new to personal budgeting. Many were interested in a budget planning worksheet that guided them through the process and helped them verify if their finances were in balance.

Enter the Monthly Cash Flow Planning Worksheet. It features a number of income and expense categories to help you author your budget whether you’re new to this or an old-hand and guides you, step-by-step, through the budget planning process. It is made to be printed on a single sheet of paper, front-to-back and 3-hold punched to be placed in a binder. Continue reading

Monthly Personal Budget Ledger Sheet for the Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey Disciples

I’ve been providing personal finance counseling to a number of people recently. Part of my services is to help create a monthly budget laying out the income and expenses and “spending” every penny on paper (like Dave Ramsey advocates), but have been doing this with just a plain old piece of notebook paper.

Well no more! Introducing the most awesome monthly personal budget ledger ever! It’s pretty standard: income on the left, expenses on the right, offset slightly to 3-hole punch and put in a binder if you like. Continue reading