My friend Jon Bell invented this great game called Groupthink. The object of the “game” was to form sentences with friends. The thing is, you can only enter one word and had to wait for your friend to enter a word before you could enter a new one. For a super-casual parlor game, it was pretty awesome.

I always wanted to rewrite the game and modernize it. So, with his permission, I rewrote the game for my coworkers at frog as an IM and SMS bot using a service called

This is Groupthink 2011. A new way to show off the game on a TV (10-foot UI, yo!), a full LAMP implementation, new functionalities, and new gameplay. All sentences are posted to a Twitter account. Some of my favorites:

  • The penultimate scene effectively captured the essence of the rotting ice-skating zombie carcass.
  • Quasibrodo the brahbarian is bromantic for brahnnannas.
  • Errrr yeah, see we like lost your errr, pancreas :/.
  • Michelle Obama looked quite pleased during yesterday’s “Help the 🙁 children” deathmatch.
  • Life insurance costs just enough when you consider how dangerous my knife-fighting Kung-Fu fox-baiting hobby has been.

After the initial beta launch, I made several improvements and recorded a video to commemorate the new hero experiences. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Groupthink Improvements from Jake Zukowski on Vimeo.

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